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Current Exhibition

Cynthia Gatien- Paintings

My goal is to make art that pleases, lights up a room, makes people happy. I think people often underestimate the importance of having art in their environment. If I can, I’d like to change that.

Jayne Allister-Textiles

I love textiles – collaged, painted, embroidered, embellished.  I find most of my fabrics in thrift shops – a blouse here, a dress there, a scarf anywhere!

Great patterns and colors waiting for their second chance.  Antique linen, unbleached cotton – beads, button, fringe – all wonderful elements to put together.

I love every minute I spend creating these fun and colorful pieces, and I hope they will give people inspiration to bring more color and joy into their homes and into their lives.

Featured this Month in the

Creative Conservatory

Pillows, puppets, objets- artfully recycled by Jayne Allister. Created from fine french linens and thrifted treasures.  


The Cline House Studio offers a variety of programs allowing artists of all ages and levels to explore and create. 

Workshops & Classes

Workshops are delivered by professional artists in various disciplines who are eager to help you get the most out of your arts experience.

Open Studio Sessions

Open Studio is a non-instructional drop-in program offering artists a chance to develop skills at their own pace in a supportive community environment. Artists bring their own materials and work at their own pace on their own projects. Individual critiques may be arranged during these sessions.

History of the Cline House

The Cline House, “one of the finest homes in all of Cornwall” was built in 1854 after the marriage of Samuel Cline to Margaret Dickenson. It remained in the Cline family until 1955 when it was purchased by the Cornwall Library Board.


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