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Current Exhibition

Giuseppe Di Leo

Pilgrimage; Seeking Connections

“We can learn from nature. While observing its regenerative magnitude and adaptive resiliency gives it agency, it can also teach us about adversity. Our fallible nature and adaptive potential are equally reflected in plant life and other living organisms. Knowing oneself through a connection with nature is a realization of an unspoken belonging, simultaneously familiar and unknown. My drawings are explorations of these experiences. Drawing enables me to creatively navigate the world and question our anthropocentric attitudes.” 



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Upcoming Exhibition

Cline House Studio

The Cline House Studio offers a variety of programs allowing artists of all ages and levels to explore and create. 

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History of the Cline House

The Cline House, “one of the finest homes in all of Cornwall” was built in 1854 after the marriage of Samuel Cline to Margaret Dickenson. It remained in the Cline family until 1955 when it was purchased by the Cornwall Library Board.


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